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Earth & Environment
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Notes & Review Ch. 31
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Weather & Climate – Chapter 31 Notes & Review Questions

Directions: First read Chapter 31 in your Earth Science textbook.

  Weather is the temporary conditions in an area; climate is an average of the weather conditions taken over a long period of time, usually at least 30 years. Weather is helpful in determining how you should dress today, or which clothes you will pack for a vacation, but climate is helpful for determining whether or not to build (or invest money, or plant) in an area. In other words, knowing that the average temperature in MO is 59 degrees (over a 30 year period) won’t help you get dressed tomorrow, but might help you pick a tree or some flowering perennials for your yard.

Six main factors affect the climate in your area.
bullet Latitude – The closer to the Arctic and Antarctic Circle you get, the colder and dryer it is.The closer to the Equator, the hotter and more humid it is.
bullet Altitude – The higher above sea level you get, the colder and dryer it is.
bullet Prevailing Winds – The windward edge of an island or continent will be much more humid than the leeward side.
bullet Topography – (especially when combined with the prevailing winds) If mountains are present, the windward side is much more humid, since the air masses are cooled and condensed as they rise to go over the mountains. The mass will drop much of its moisture before crossing over. The air mass sucks up moisture as it warms and expands during its descent on the leeward side of the mountains, frequently creating desert conditions.
bullet Distance from Large Bodies of Water – Water has “high specific heat”, which means it heats up slowly and cools off slowly. Seattle is much farther north than we are, but year round, it seldom gets above 70 or below 40 degrees. Large bodies of water “moderate” temperatures.
bullet Nearby Ocean Currents – A permanent current of ocean water that is warmer or colder than the local conditions are will have an effect on the local climate. There are palm trees growing on the coast of Ireland, much farther north than we are, due to the Gulf Stream.

Do the 17 Review Questions and 2 Critical Thinking Questions on pp. 592 – 593.


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