Force & Motion
Earth & Environment


Force & Motion
Motion Unit
Newton's Laws Unit
Work & Power Unit
Wave Energy Unit
Universe Unit

Classroom Expectations for Concepts of
Force, Motion and the Universe

Students and Parents/Guardians:

  Science is mostly common sense. It tells you how things work and makes your life easier. In this class we study the physical laws in action at amusement parks (and in our everyday lives.). You are expected to define problems and their solutions. Expect to study, read and learn. This is about making you better than you are.

  Since this is the first year for all four of these “Concepts” classes, we will be smoothing off the rough edges as we go. “Be Flexible” is our motto! We will have class sets of two texts, and do readings from the internet and class sets of appropriate articles. Most of the work is “class work,” and will be completed here at school, instead of “homework”, since you won’t have a text at home to use. You will have only a few assignments outside of the classroom, mostly studying for your tests and the work you do on the performance events. Writing should be in paragraph form, in English, with corrected grammar and spelling. Never copy work from idiots. (Idiots are the ones who let you copy their work.)

  We will use some labs and activities from three different classes over the last 3 years that worked well, and add some new ones. We will have a M/C test and a performance event at the end of each ~ three–week unit. The final will also consist of both M/C questions and a performance event. The assessments will include ‘application’ questions that require you to apply what we learned in the unit. They require logical thought, reasoning ability, some opinions, and communication skills. You will not usually find answers in the textbook you can just copy, and if you find yourself doing that, you are probably not answering the question very well, and not going to earn many points.

  You will be working at your own pace (to a certain degree,) pulling hardcopies of worksheets and labs you need from the file when you need them, and turning them in, preferably the same day. Please do NOT take more than one assignment at a time! Nearly all paperwork will be available on my website, in addition to in the file in class, so you may print them at home. You must demonstrate a mastery of one unit before moving on to the next. If you finish one of these Concepts classes early (in less than one semester) you may move on to the next.

  Your grade will be about ½ tests, ½ class work/labs/activities. I make the final determination of grades. I determine what is fair in my classroom. Anything happening in my class IS my business.

  All school guidelines will be strictly enforced, so please review the expectations of behavior, attendance, tardies, hall passes, etc. in your handbook. The back of this page has a brief summary of the school’s policies on the usual: grade scale, behavior, important dates, etc. In general, follow the golden rule: TREAT PEOPLE THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED. Be here every day, on time, and prepared (with text, paper, pen, and pencil) to learn. Put a little effort into it, be nice to each other, and let’s have fun!


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