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Minerals – Review
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Minerals – Review Questions

Directions: Get a copy of the Heath Earth Science textbook and turn to page 60. Read the “Summary” first. Then do the “Review Question”, starting with the Matching. Please print the letter that correctly matches the numbered statement:

1. 10.
2. 11.
3. 12.
4. 13.
5. 14.
6. 15.
7. 16.
8. 17.
  On page 61, answer this “Interpret and Apply Questions”:
  (show your work)     

Read the directions to the “Critical Thinking” Questions and answer all 5 of them. You will need to make a little “ruler” on the edge of the paper (tracing the little lines from the column under either “Dunite” or “Nepheline Syenite”) to measure the other mineral columns with. Give complete answers, number them, show all work, and use units when appropriate.



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