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Work & Power – Review
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Work, Energy & Power – Review Sheet

  1. What is work? What is the S.I. unit for work? What formula is used to calculate work?
  2. What is energy? What is the S.I. unit for energy?
  3. What is the difference between kinetic and potential energy?
  4. What is power? What is the S.I. unit of power? What formula is used to calculate power?
  5. Imagine an object falling from a high cliff. Draw a diagram of this object and label the object’s maximum and minimum potential and kinetic energy on the diagram.
  1. What is required in order for work to be done on an object?
  2. A worker pushes a crate with a force of 300N and the crate is moved 5.0m. How much work is done?
  3. While rearranging a dorm room, a student does 300-J of work in moving a desk 2.0-m. How much force did the student use?
  4. A car does 20J of work in 2 seconds, how much power does the car have?

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